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Why Join the Fresno Scottish Society?

Because we are passionate about the history, traditions, and culture of the Scottish people. Because we want to share experiences with you via cultural and historical reenactments, stories, and gatherings. Because we believe in perpetuating and honoring the Scottish tradition of hospitality. Because our hearts skip a beat and our souls swell with pride at the sight of a kilt and the sound of the pipes.


Joining the Fresno Scottish Society is more than joining a social group; it is joining others in celebration and preservation of Scottish heritage and tradition. We invite you to become a member and join us at our ceilidhs, the annual Gathering and Games, barbecues, fundraisers, and more. 


Anyone 18 years or older can join, whether you have Scottish ancestry or not.


To apply for membership, please open the Application tab by hovering over "Membership" on the menu bar or clicking on the link below:

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