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the Gathering & Games

Saturday, September 21, 2024
8:00am - 5:00pm
(gates open at 8:00am)

Kearney Park
6725 W. Kearney Ave.
Fresno, CA.

The tradition of gatherings of the clans dates back to the origin of the clans. Summer is the time to gather, renew old acquaintances and friendships, make new friends, catch up on news of the clans, and compete. This tradition gained new meaning for those of the Highlands who, for whatever reason, left and settled elsewhere. This was especially true for those Highlanders who came to the new world. They may have left the dales and glens of the Highlands but they brought their traditions with them. Today we celebrate that tradition here in California’s Central Valley.


For those of you with Scottish or Celtic heritage, today is an opportunity to celebrate and learn more of that legacy, connect with your clan, or learn about the district your ancestors were from. If you are not of Scottish heritage but love to learn about other cultures, you are in for a treat! You will have the opportunity to hear the pipes, watch, or participate, in the heavy athletic competitions, taste a bit of highland fare, and listen to some music both traditional and more contemporary. Today is a day of fellowship and learning. On behalf of all of our members of the Scottish Society of Central California and the Games Committee who worked so diligently to bring us these games, thank you for joining us for our annual gathering and games and for celebrating the rich culture of the Highlands of Scotland.

Photo Credit: Janine Kuestner, 05/19/2019, Victoria, BC, Canada

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