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Bagpipe Competitions

We're excited to announce the long-awaited return of

bagpipe competitions!

If you or your troupe are interested in participating, please see the following:


The Piping and Drumming Event will be hosted by the Central California Pipe Band Cooperative (CCPBC). They are a volunteer group that will not require entry fees. Donations are welcome and would assist with any costs for the competitions.


To enter, please send your name and category/categories you're interested in, and any questions, to Aaron Lipinski at

Deadline: September 1, 2024

Solo Events:

There will be opening Mass Bands at noon and closing Mass Bands at 4:30pm.

Piping Events:


Juvenile Beginner Practice Chanter: (Equivalent to WUSPBA Grade 5) Any Slow Aire for beginners 18 years old or under on practice chanter.


Beginner Practice Chanter: (Equivalent to WUSPBA Grade 5) Any Slow Aire for beginners over 18 years old on practice chanter. Novice Piper on bagpipes: (Equivalent to WUSPBA Grade 4) Any 4-part 2/4 March, and any Slow Aire, and the first two parts of any Piobaireachd as three separate contests


Amateur Piper Level 1: (Equivalent to WUSPBA Grade 3) Any 4-part 2/4 March, any 4-part 6/8 March, and any full Piobaireachd as separate contests


Amateur Piper Level 2: (Equivalent to WUSPBA Grade 2) Any 4-part or more MSR, two 4-part or more 6/8 Marches, two Hornpipe & Jig sets, two full Piobaireachds as separate contests with the adjudicator deciding which tune or sets are to be performed by the competitor.

Band Competitions: Will be held if enough entries are made. If so, a Quick March Medley Set/Quick March – Slow Aire – Quick March Medley suggested to be 3 to 5 minutes in length. Band Concerts will be held at a determined location for approximately 15 to 30 minutes.

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