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the Gathering & Games

The 2020 Virtual Games

Welcome to the Fresno Scottish Society’s virtual version of the 43rd Annual Gathering and Games, held on Saturday, September 19, 2020.


The year 2020 has been a year of changes, adjustments, and innovation. As such, and despite the fact that Scottish gatherings and games have been canceled this year throughout the world, the Fresno Scottish Society is marching forward.

We've put together galleries for you to walk through as if you were at our event so that you can participate in what we do at your leisure. The galleries are complete with music (including Wicked Tinkers and The Fire), dancing (featuring Celtic Motion), athletics, bagpipes and drums (including Stag and Thistle), clans, history, culture, and battles.


We've done our best to give you a taste of our Scottish heritage and of our Annual Gathering and Games to reminisce, put a smile on your face, and prepare you to join us live in 2021.


Youth Games



Living History

Highland Games Documentary

March of the Clans

Photo Credit: Janine Kuestner, 05/19/2019, Victoria, BC, Canada

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