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Ceud Mìle Fàilte!

Literally translated, ceud mìle fàilte means "one hundred thousand welcomes" in Scots Gaelic. It is often more than just a greeting, it is a symbol of Celtic hospitality. It means you are welcome, a hundred thousand times, whoever you are, wherever you're from. The Fresno Scottish Society would like to extend this same hospitality to our visitors. Welcome!

Saturday, September 16, 2023

The Fresno Scottish Gathering and Games

Kearney Park, Fresno, CA.

Mark your calendars, more information will be coming soon!

2023 Games Facebook.jpg



If you are interested in participating the Annual Gathering and Games, please contact the appropriate person for each category in which you are interested.

Advertising & Sponsorships: Brad Millar


Athletics:                                     Fritz Newman

Clans:                                           Cuff Burrell


Entertainment:                           Brad Millar


Food Vendors:                            Tom Simpson


Merchandise Vendors:              Robyn Gutierrez

Volunteers:                                  Tom Simpson


Youth Games:                              Robert Ashby


Photo Credit: Janine Kuestner, 05/19/2019, Victoria, BC, Canada

Musical Entertainment Featuring
Tempest and Celtic Alchemy

Group Pic.jpg
Celtic Alchemy (2).jpg
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